Way Oils Top Products

Neuco stocks several brands of way lubricants, in viscosity ranges from 32 to 220, in order to meet all lubrication needs for machine slideways.


Top Castrol Products for WAy Oils

Magna Sw D series

Castrol's premium way lubricant contains the selected oiliness, extreme pressure additives, and special materials to impart the proper tackiness and adhesiveness.  The superior demuslifying properties, along with Castrol chemistry gives this product good synergy with all Castrol coolants.  

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Top Neuco Products for Way Oils

Neuway series

Neuco's premium formulated way lubricant.  This product is formulated from exceptionally refined base stocks for premium performance.


Top Hangsterfer's Products for Way Oils

Way Oil series

Hangsterfer's slideway lubricating oils are formulated to provide excellent machine tool performance, while eliminating the problems of coolant degredation associated with tramp oil contamination.

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