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Being a Florida based company, Neuco learned early on that our water was less than optimal for mixing with water based coolant. However, water systems in general were expensive to own and water filtration companies that cater to drinking water would want to install a water softener; which fixed the hardness issue but multiplied the chloride issue! So 15 years ago we embarked on an educational journey in water quality that continues through today.

Our water based coolants rely on 90%-95% water as a carrier, and any contaminant that is in the water stays in the sump when the water evaporates….. Add more water (and contaminates) and it evaporates which leaves behind more contaminates in the sump. You can see how quickly the water quality in the sump can go downhill if this cycle is allowed to continue.

For these reasons, we consulted with a national leader in drinking water Reverse Osmosis (R-O) Systems, to help us develop a more appropriate Industrial Water System. Why use the word “appropriate”? Simply stated, a 5-stage drinking water R-O System has 2 of the 5 stages for “Taste and Odor”, because our units are purpose built for industrial water (not for drinking), we utilize the 3 important stages from the drinking systems mentioned above, but we go one differentiating step further! We add a custom color changing DI (mixed bed deionization) stage after the membrane. This takes the already 98% pure water and polishes it to 99+%! So even though we call them R-O systems, they truly are hybrid R-O/DI systems.

Click here for a definition of each stage in more detail:  R-O Care and Maintenance

Below you will find several prepackaged systems that we feel fit the majority of the machine shops that we serve. We can also build any custom sized unit that you desire. From 50 GPD (gallons per day), to 18,000 GPD, with storage from 55 gallons to 1000 gallons with any kind of water or premixed coolant delivery system required.

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Combo Units

Concentration Station 3.jpg

The concentration Station

This is our flagship Dilution Solution! It is your All-In-One solution for clean, pure, water; as well as proper coolant mixing and pressurized delivery. You can use this system to store 320 gallons of water and proportion the appropriate concentration of coolant on demand! Comes complete with our most popular 300 GPD R-O system mounted to a 320 gallon portable tote tank and electronic float switch. The unit has a Franklin Electric ½ HP shallow well pump for pressurized delivery to the Mini-Dos Coolant proportioner system. It will perfectly mix your pure water with 2%-10% of your favorite coolant. It is equipped with a small bladder tank and pressure pump to maintain a constant 40-50 psi, so it can be used to plumb in your entire shop with coolant lines to every machine tool (1/2” poly line and valves available).

(The R-O 300 unit is all electronically controlled by computer and electronic float switch. The built in booster pump makes this unit very efficient with a 1:1.5 waste ratio.)


55GPD Combo.jpg

55GPD R-O Combo System

Comes complete with 70GPD R-O unit assembled on a plastic 55 gallon drum with an automatic shut-off float. The system is rounded out with a Little Giant pony pump to deliver the water. This pump should not be used with coolant mixers or proportioner.



Concentration Station 2.jpg

300GPD R-O Combo System

Comes complete with a 300 GPD R-O unit mounted to a 320 gallon portable tote tank with an electronic float switch and electronic control. This R-O unit has a 1:1.5 waste ratio compared to passive units that are 1:4 waste. We complete this system with a Franklin Electric 1/2HP shallow well pump with small bladder tank and pressure switch, causing it to stay pressurized for full water pressure. This unit will power any proportioner or coolant mixing system available.

Unit pictured has an optional Mini-Dos proportioner and post mixing tank…… See Concentration Station for details.


2800LP Combo.jpg

2800GPD R-O Combo System

This is the beast of the fleet! It is a full blown commercial R-O unit that makes 2800 GPD (yes that is 116 GPH or almost 2 GPM), the unit is floor standing or wall mounted and comes with a 1.5 cf carbon filter with auto backwash head complete with micro-switch R-O protection circuit. The system comes with a 320 gallon portable tote tank with an electronic float switch. Shallow well pump sold separately.


A-la-Carte Units


70GPD Hybrid RO/DI Passive 4 Stage

Requires storage tank and delivery pump


300GPD R-O unit

Comes with 110 volt booster pump.

Requires storage tank and delivery pump


2800GPD R-O unit

Comes with 110/220 volt booster pump.

Requires storage tank and delivery pump


Drinking Water for Your Shop


70GPD Undercounter

Complete 5 Stage under counter drinking water system. Includes 2 gallon bladder tank, long stem faucet, saddle valve for supply line and saddle mount for waste line.

Valves and Lines not shown, but are included


Have an Ice Maker?

300GPD Wall mount/Floor Standing

Complete 5 stage wall hanging/floor standing drinking water system. Includes built in micro-computer control, booster pump, and 20 gallon pressure tank.

Requires 110v connection, Tank color may vary, Booster pump not shown