Spindle Oils Top Products

Neuco has several brands of spindle lubricants in all viscosities between ISO 2 and 22. 


Top Castrol Products for Spindle Oils

Hyspin Spindle series

Castrol Hyspin Spindle oils are light-bodied oils formulated especially for the lubrication of high speed and precision machine tool spindle bearings.  Castrol Hyspin Spindle oils are made with severely hydrotreated or severely solvent refined oils to promote health and safety as well as high performance.

Hyspin Spindle HS

Hyspin spindle HS is formulated for the lubrication of the highest speed and most precise machine-tool spindle bearings. The controlled foaming performance of this product provides consistent lubrication under the high agitation conditions found in spindle bearings. 


Top Xcel Products for Spindle Oils

Xcel Spindle series

Xcel Spindle oils recommended for high-speed spindle bearings in precision grinders and other machine tools requiring low-viscosity oils.  The product offers strong oxidation and rust resistance properties. 

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