Oil Based Rust Protection Top Products

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Top Castrol Products for Oil Based Rust Protection

Rustilo 4163

Indoor protection for 12-24 months, dry film, dewatering, 2 micrometer film thickness

Rustilo VCI 66

Indoor protection for 12 months, oily film, 2-3 micrometer film thickness, low VOC, can protect sealed chambers for 60 months

Safecoat DW 90

Indoor protection for 18 months, oily film, dewatering, <1.0 micrometer film thickness, no odor, high flash point

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Top Neuco Products for Oil Based Rust Protection

Neucoat 43

Indoor protection for 3-6 months, light oily film, dewatering

Neucoat 53

Indoor protection for 6-12 months, oily film

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