Material Handling Top Products

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Drum Trucks/Dollies

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Drum Truck

Move, tilt and unload heavy 30 and 55 gallon drums with ease. Adjustable clip locks drum into place. Spring-loaded axle for extra leverage to move and balance heavy loads. Easy to move on 10" rubber wheels. Color may vary.

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Drum Dolly

Color may vary.


Spill Containment/Absorbents

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Oil Dri

OIL-DRI Premium Absorbent soaks up oil, grease and water with a low dust formula. Thermal processing increases sorbent hardness and durability so it won’t break down into a slippery mess. Moisture-resistant polybag keeps out the elements. Sold by the bag or by the drum.



Oil absorbents

Absorbs oils, fuels and petroleum-based products. Repels water.

Socks: Polypropylene filler contains spills around machine bases. Available in a variety of sizes.

Rolls: Cut to size for large area spills.

Pads: Highly absorbent for small spills or catching drips.


Drum Accessories

Other Drum Accessories are available, ask your sales rep or call us today to find out more!