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Neuco maintains a large inventory of anti-wear hydraulic oils, and hydraulics with rust and oxidation inhibitors.  We can provide oils for general hydraulic applications, and specialty applications that require a certain additive package, and/or elevated viscosity index.

AW Hydraulic Oils


Top Castrol Products for AW Hydraulic Oils

Paradene AW series

Castrol Paradene AW is a premium industrial anti-wear hydraulic oil line for hydraulically activated equipment that utilizes high-performance pumps. They contain very effective anti-wear additives that allow them to meet or exceed industry vane, gear, and piston pump manufacturers’ specifications.

Hyspin ZZ series

The Hyspin ZZ range is designed for applications requiring ash-less (zinc-free) anti-wear and superior oxidation performance and is particularly suitable for hydraulic systems using vane and piston pumps where elevated operating temperatures are encountered. They are formulated for use in severely stressed systems in which high levels of anti-wear performance and/or ultra fine filtration are required. 

Dual Range HV series

Castrol Dual Range HV Hydraulic Fluids are exceptional, multi-viscosity hydraulic fluids that provide proven anti-wear protection, coupled with shear-stable polymers and anti-foam additives.  The high viscosity index and oxidation life of this fluid ensures extra pump protection, extended service intervals, and provide needed viscosity protection at higher operating temperatures.  The products are dyed purple to facilitate leak detection. 

Tribol 943 AW series

Castrol Tribol 943 AW was developed to meet the demands of the most severe hydraulic applications. These high performance, ash-less (zinc-free), multi-service oils can extend service life for uninterrupted machine availability and production (oxidation life has exceed 20,000 in certain applications).  The additive chemistry of these fluids are designed to lubricate hydraulic systems with the tightest tolerances. 

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Top Neuco Products for AW Hydraulic Oils

Hy 5 AW series

HY 5 AW Hydraulic Oils are high quality industrial anti-wear hydraulic oils that meet the requirements of all the major hydraulic pump manufacturers.  These fluids exceed 5,000 hours of oxidation life. 


Top XCEL Products for AW Hydraulic Oils

Xcel Multi-Vis series

Xcel Multi-vis is a 5,000 hour oxidation life hydraulic oil with an exceptionally high viscosity index (140).  These oils are formulated for applications where a wide range of temperature operation is needed.  They contain EP agents and chemical components to control wear, oxidation, sludge, corrosion, foaming, and to promote water separation.  


R & O Hydraulic Oils


Top Castrol Products for R&O Hydraulic Oils

Paradene R/O series

Castrol Paradene R & O oils are specially formulated premium products containing additives that are carefully chosen to insure outstanding long-term performance. Castrol Paradene R & O oils are available in a wide range of viscosities that are tailored to meet industrial requirements, rotary air compressors, non anti-wear hydraulic and circulating systems, as well as non-EP gear oil applications.


Top XCEL Products for R&O Hydraulic Oils

Xcel R & O series

Xcel R&O oils are premium fluids that offer superior rust protection and antioxidancy.  They also exhibit strong water separation characteristics, foam inhibition, thermal stability, filterability, and hydrolytic stability.  

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