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Neuco prides itself in extending the life of our customer's gear boxes.  We are typically able to double the life of most gear boxes with our specialty gear lubricants.  We also stock a large variety of traditional EP gear oils for common applications.

Mineral Gear Oil


Top Castrol Products for Gear Oils

Optigear 1100 series

Optigear 1100 is a high-performance extreme pressure gear oil, developed especially to tackle wear-related problems in heavily loaded industrial gears and bearings.  Optigear 1100 is formulated with Tribol Gear Oil Additive (TGOA) Plastic Deformation (PD) additive. TGOA PD helps improve performance when operating temperature and loads reach a certain level of activation energy, by enabling the micro-smoothing of surface roughness without increasing wear. Neuco has routinely used this product to double, triple, and quadruple the life of heavily-loaded gear boxes. Check out the Case Studies below:

1100 Series Study 1   1100 Series Study 2

Alpha SP series

The Castrol Alpha SP gear oil range are based upon highly-refined mineral oil, enhanced with an extreme pressure additives.  This product provides outstanding thermal stability and high load carrying capacity. 


Top Xcel Products for Gear Oils

Xcel Industrial gear oils

Xcel Industrial gear oils are compounded lubricants containing extreme pressure (EP), anti-wear (AW), anti-rust, antioxidant, yellow metal protection, water separation, and foam inhibition.  These oils perform well in traditional industrial gear applications.


Synthetic Gear Oil


Top Castrol Products for Gear Oils

Optigear Synthetic 800 series

Castrol's highest performing synthetic gear oil.  The Optigear 800 series utilizes select polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based synthetic fluids to achieve the highest viscosity index of any gear oil in our inventory.  We recommend this for the highest-loaded gears that operate at temperatures above 180°F.

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Top Neuco Products for Gear Oils

Neulube SHC EP

Neuco's premium synthetic, extreme-pressure gear lubricant.  This product is based on PAO base-stock, with heavy EP additives.  We typically recommend this for high-temperature applications where gears are heavily loaded.

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