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Top Castrol Products for EDM

Ilocut EDM 200

Castrol Ilocut EDM 200 is a low viscosity, mineral oil-based, high performance EDM fluid.

Ilocut EDM 401

Castrol Ilocut EDM 401 is an economical oil-based electric discharge machining (EDM) fluid.

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Top Neuco Products for EDM

Neutrode M

Neutrode M is a state of the art, synthetic EDM fluid. Made with the finest, high quality cosmetic grade base stocks, for the highest operator acceptance.



Top Hangsterfer's Products for EDM

Crystal Bright EDM

A unique blend of ultra-pure hydrocarbons with the latest synthetic technology provides a crystal clear fluid with high oxidation stability and extremely low viscosity.


V-EDM is the first vegetable based dielectric fluid of its kind. Its performance is equal to or greater than synthetic or petroleum based fluids.

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