Compressor Oils Top Products

Neuco has partnered with one of the top compressor oil manufacturers in the country to bring a complete offering of compressor oils to our customers.  We provide lubricants for every compressor application.  Our team will also assist with any technical questions regarding compressors, compressor oils, and competitive products.

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Top NEUCO Products for Compressor Oils

Synair XL

4,000 - 6,000 hour oxidation life, mineral based, best price

Synair PAO

8,000 hour oxidation life, best lubricity for the hour rating

Synair PG

8,000 hour oxidation life, good detergency and good lubricity

Synair DE

8,000 hour oxidation life, best detergency for the hour rating

Synair POE

12,000 hour oxidation life, premium compressor oil

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