Broaching Top Products

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Top Castrol Products for Broaching

Variocut B 46 TC

A chlorine and heavy metal free neat cutting oil specially formulated with a special combination of ester, extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear additives to help to optimise machining performance and enhance tool life. It is designed for severe broaching and gear cutting of high alloy steel and stainless steel.  This product does contain active sulfur.

Ilocut 5770

 Ilocut 5770 is designed for general machining of high alloyed steel, stainless steel and difficult to machine alloys. It can also be used for broaching and gear manufacture and for form grinding of stainless and tool steels. Ilocut 5770 does not contain active sulphur.

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Top Neuco Products for Broaching

SD-3 Broaching Oil

A high-viscosity heavy-duty broaching oil that contains a large percentage of EP additives.  This product contains chlorine, sulfur, and fatty esters.

Neucut Gundrill Oil

A medium viscosity broaching fluid that is heavily fortified with EP additives.  This product is formulated to best meet the needs of a typical horizontal-broach for gun barrels.


Top Hangsterfer's Products for Broaching

Hardcut 525

Hardcut 525 is an extremely high viscosity (220 iso) EP broaching fluid for the toughest applications.

Hardcut 44

Hardcut 44 is a heavily fortified, medium viscosity cutting oil designed for severe machining of carbon, tool, and stainless steel.  It relies heavily on chlorinationed parrifins and sulfur to perform in the toughest applications.

cc 442

CC 442 is formulated like a traditional sulfurized and chlorinated cutting/broaching oil.  However, it uses modern sulfur technologies that provides performance, without the strong odors of the traditional dark sulfur. 

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